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Dr. Robertson is a Double Board Certified expert in facial plastics. Specializing solely on facial aesthetics allows Robertson Cosmetic Center to maintain extremely high industry standards and have the most experienced and dedicated staff in the area.

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Robertson Cosmetic Center is proud to call Middleton and Sun Prairie home. We believe with that privilege comes a certain responsibility and we are devoted to serving our communities through various outreach opportunities.

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Robertson Cosmetic Center
Robertson Cosmetic Center7 hours ago
In addition to treating fine lines/wrinkles on the face, Botox can be used to contour and slim the lower face, softening the appearance of a tensed, squared-off jaw. It works by relaxing the masseter muscle, otherwise known as your chewing muscles. The masseter muscle becomes more pronounced as a result of many years of teeth grinding/clenching and genetics. Luckily the fix is achieved with a little Botox Cosmetic!
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