Brighten Up Those Eyes With Our Sculptra Special!

Discount on eye filler!

Brighten Up Those Eyes With Our Sculptra Special!


Product Description


The Hidden Temples

Most of our patients are well aware of the wonder of dermal fillers! Commonly treated areas of the face include the cheeks, lips, under eyes and lower face, but what about the temple area? This is an often forgotten zone of the face that can be beautifully restored with filler as well! Hollowing of the temples is a natural part of the ageing process as soft tissue and bone diminishes, causing muscle and connective tissues changes. Unfortunately this process starts as early as in your mid 20’s and will become more obvious in your 40’s but luckily the solution is simple!

Sculptra Aesthetic is a wonderful choice to restore volume lost in the temple area and its even more beautiful when performed in conjunction with Dysport to treat the crows feet! For a limited time brighten your eyes with Dysport and Sculptra for only $500!Regular value of $655! While supplies last. Dysport and Sculptra must be completed in the same visit, no exceptions.



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