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Hand Rejuvenation

Frequently the focus of cosmetic improvement is the face however one of the most age-telling body features is our hands. Most of the damage to our hands is caused by excessive UV exposure but also simply aging in general. As we age, our hands lose firmness and plumpness and begin to look bony and fragile. Veins and joints protrude and become more noticeable. Thinned skin tends to look crepey in texture, and brown spots can leave color and tone uneven.

Luckily, some of the same rejuvenation techniques that we utilize on the face can be applied to the hands to restore a healthier, more youthful look.

BBL Photorejuvenation for the hands – this involves using our Sciton Broad Band Light therapy on the skin of the hands to target unwanted brown spots and uneven tone. This treatment is well tolerated and generally the first place to start when looking to freshen up the hands. Patients can expect to see a visible improvement in tone and color in as little as a week to ten days but may require a series of treatments.

Injectable Filler for the hands – this technique involves injecting a dermal filler such as Sculptra or Juvederm Voluma into the hands to plump up and restore lost volume. This is the perfect solution for hands that look too thin, bony, or weathered. As the filler is injected, it raises the skin so that tendons, joins and veins become less noticeable and the skin of the hands appears fuller and plumper looking. Most patients find that filler in the hands can last up to twelve months or longer depending on the type of filler used. As a more permanent option, a fat transfer may also be performed in which fat is harvested from the abdomen and is then injected into the hands in the same fashion that dermal fillers are. Medical Director and double board certified facial plastics expert Dr. Kevin Robertson performs all fat transfers.

Laser Resurfacing for the hands – this option improves textural imperfections and renews the top surface layers of the skin. This can be achieved with either a MicroLaser Peel or ProFractional treatment depending on how deep a renewal is recommended. Initially following this treatment, hands look red and will then appear dry and slough while healing, but after approximately seven-ten days, healthier, smoother more beautiful texture awaits! Resurfacing treatments are commonly combined with BBL Photorejuvenation for best results.