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The R Lift Is Here!

The R Lift Is Here!


Imagine total facial restoration for just one price. It’s here! The R Lift is a Robertson exclusive that allows one of our expert nurse injectors to customize a plan to treat your cheeks, lips and lower face all for one reasonable price tag. There’s a little trick called “full correction” in aesthetics but patients rarely achieve it because it can be costly. As technology advances, dermal fillers are truly able to do more. Rather than just filling a line, now dermal fillers even create volume while lifting. Injectors are looking at faces as a whole, rather than focusing on folds and wrinkles in the middle of the face, which provides a more natural look when properly placed.

The R Lift  takes the guess work out of the equation and extends you unreal pricing. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions and multiple discount syringe pricing is already factored into pricing.