Viveve – For Women

A Topic Worth Talking About  

It may not be the easiest thing to share but 50% of women experience urinary incontinence of some form. This may include the seemingly harmless “tinkle when I cough or sneeze,” or emptying of bladder once the restroom is in sight. 46% of those women admit it negatively impacts their sexual function. We hear you and we want to make it better. RCC is excited to be the first to bring the best technology in women’s wellness to Madison! Viveve is the first and only device on the market that delivers a solution for women in just one single, discreet and comfortable session!

Invented by the same OB that developed Thermage, Viveve is safe, effective, comfortable and delivers life changing results in vaginal rejuvenation. Viveve utilizes cryogen cooling radio frequency technology to generate healthy collagen and deliver tiny pulses of gentle energy to reinvigorate tissue. Viveve is the only system indicated to produce vaginal tightening results, treat urinary incontinence, and increase diminished sexual sensation and sexual function in more than 50 countries.

Would you like to learn more about this life-changing treatment, from an RCC staff member who has experienced it herself? Join us for an open discussion.

Questions about Viveve at Robertson Cosmetic Center

Who performs this procedure?

We’re delighted to introduce our Viveve expert –  Heidi Miller

Aesthetic Nurse Injector Heidi Miller

Heidi is a Registered Nurse, and comes to us with extremely relevant experience that sets RCC apart in merging feminine wellness with aesthetics.
Heidi’s primary focus is as a nurse injector, however we cannot ignore the fact that she comes to us with 17 years of nursing with a background in infertility.
Heidi is extremely kind, professional and experienced in many aspects of women’s wellness and welcomes you to a private consultation to discuss Viveve.